Just Eat will hire thousands of bicycle delivery men on permanent contracts

Unlike other home meal delivery platforms, Just Eat Takeaway wants to hire its couriers. The company has announced the creation of 4,500 permanent contracts throughout France.

Since November, the British group Just Eat Takeaway has hired 350 delivery people on open-ended contracts in France, and the platform does not intend to stop there. The company announced in the Journal du Dimanche its intention to create 4,500 permanent delivery positions in 30 cities in France. Couriers who will be at the service of ” 20% self-employed and large fast food chains “Who do not have their delivery men,” described Maleyne Rabot, general manager of Just Eat in France. On the other hand, there is no question of walking on the platforms of the partner Stuart, the specialist in last mile delivery, a subsidiary of La Poste with which Just Eat has entered into an agreement.

Perspectives of evolution

Delivery people hired by the platform benefit from social coverage, they are paid 10.30 euros for the hour they complete one or more trips, their hours are flexible and they have the freedom to practice another activity on the side for round up the end of the month. Development prospects are offered to them, for example the supervision of courier teams. These permanent contract hires contrast sharply with industry practices which rely on self-employed workers. Uber Eats, one of Just Eat’s main rivals, even believes that delivery people are choosing ” flexibility and independence »To employment contracts.

The ambitions of Just Eat

A statement denied by the bicycle delivery unions who demand instead the requalification of employment contracts. Just Eat responds to these demands and hopes ” move past Deliveroo by the end of the year, and become a leader ahead of Uber Eats in the next 12-18 months “. Home delivery, which is no longer limited to just meals (shopping as well) is experiencing strong growth due to the health crisis: the dining rooms being closed, deliveries are, along with take-out meals, the only way to maintain an activity.

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