Kanye West running for president: I’m richer than Trump!

The interview between Nick Cannon and Kanye West was recorded at West Mountain Ranch (Cody, Wyoming, USA), released on Nick Cannon’s YouTube channel on September 1, and received thousands of views in just one hour.

Nick Cannon laughed quite loudly in the conversation, when American male Rapper Kanye West joked that he was just “walking”, not “racing” into the White House. Photo cut from clip.

The conversation between both world-famous rappers took place quite excitingly and happily, in which Kanye West’s opinion about the news that he was being paid by the Republican Party to run for US president for the new term attracted attention.

Kanye West visited President Trump at the White House in 2018 in a branded MAGA hat – Photo: GETTY

When Nick Cannon talked about this “rumor”, the husband of “Miss Kim Super Round 3” immediately denied: “No one has to spend money on me. I am richer than Trump”.

At the same time, the African-American rapper also made a surprise when declaring half-jokingly: “I’m not running “, I’m walking “. West’s claim that he is richer than incumbent US President Donald Trump seems untrue.

In April this year, Forbes reported that West’s net worth was $ 1.3 billion and that of Trump was $ 2.1 billion. Kanye West opposes Forbes’ statistics and says his net worth exceeds $ 3 billion.

Kanye West married Kim Kardashian in 2014 and has 4 children – Photo: STANDARD

In July, Kanye West stormed with the announcement that he would run for the US presidency, while only 4 months before the official election day. This statement has met with mixed reactions between skepticism and excitement. The online bookmakers place his win rate at 50/1.

However, while the other competitors did a lot of work to increase their votes, Kanye West did little and only managed to be on the ballot in ten states. According to CNN, These are the states: Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, and Vermont.

His ballot status is still under review in Virginia and there is still time to apply in Arizona, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Rhode Island. In the rest of the states, West has been late to apply for the ballot or denied for not having enough signatures.

President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior White House adviser Jared Kushner said he and Kanye West have been good friends for the past 10 years – Photo: TZM

West’s campaign trouble has sparked speculation about his true motive in this race. That included rumors that President Trump and the Republicans were spending money to get West to “draw more votes” from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

This suspicion was heightened when Jared Kushner – son-in-law and a senior White House adviser – who is on Trump’s reelection campaign – said he spoke to Kanye West several times.

“Kanye has been a friend of mine for the past 10 years. There are quite a few issues that the president has talked about that makes him admire,” Jared Kushner said at a recent White House press conference.

Besides, Kanye West’s mental state is also a question mark as he openly links to a series of tweets by President Trump.

He also visited President Trump at the White House in 2018 in a MAGA hat and drew attention when he gave a “rambling, full of hard words” on space issues, cynicism, and diagnosis. Your guess about bipolar disorder.

Kanye West was born in 1977 in Atlanta and raised in Chicago, whose full name is Kanye Omari West. He is known as an African-American rapper, producer, and fashion designer.

Kanye West married Kim Kardashian in 2014 and has four children.

In July, Kanye West announced that he would run for the US presidency for a new term.

Currently, the media’s attention with Kanye West is not only because of the election race but also the controversy surrounding the couple’s divorce announcement.

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