KENO results: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 – Economy

Are you the lucky winner of the Wednesday April 14, 2021 draw? You will find out by consulting the Keno results at the bottom of the page. You will find on this page all the results of the Keno draw as of Wednesday April 14, 2021.

Keno results for Wednesday April 14th, 2021

As you know, Keno is an everyday game. You will find Keno results every day on this two-time page. A mid-day draw and an end-of-day draw will announce the Keno results for the day. This Wednesday April 14, 2021 you will therefore find the results of Keno at two times.



The results of the Keno of Wednesday April 14, 2021 available online

View Keno results online as of Wednesday April 14, 2021. The popular Keno lottery game is a daily drawing game. Check the results of online Keno every day of the year.

We make your life easier by listing all the results of your favorite game, Keno. You will also have access to the results history by accessing our Keno results page. Consult the results of the Keno draw on Wednesday April 14, 2021 on the beach, on another continent or at any time of the day or night.

Keno results for Tuesday 13 April 2021

Yesterday, Tuesday April 13, 2021, the results were as follows

Morning draw: 02-04-07-17-18-19-20-23-28-29-36-39-41-44-49-52-53-56-65-68 Joker + 6 266 117 multiplier 2

Evening draw : 07-08-17-19-20-21-30-31-32-36-37-38-40-42-43-44-46-49-56-61 Joker + 1,041,894 multiplier 3

Your dream come true with the results of Keno on Wednesday April 14, 2021?

Buy a jet, travel the world or live among them villas, whatever your dream. Was it made after consulting the Keno results as of Wednesday April 14, 2021? If so then congratulations! If this is unfortunately still not the case then we have the solution for you. Play again and view the results of the new Keno draw from April 15, 2021.