Know what to do when visiting the country of beautiful landscapes

Namibia, a beautiful country on the African continent, is located below Angola and above South Africa, being bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. Namibia is a country with difficult access for Brazilians, since there are no direct flights between them and the Brazilian who wishes to make the trip will have to wait two days to arrive, as he will have to make a stopover in South Africa. So, get to know , below, five attractions unmissable in the African country.

Map of Namibia. | Photo: Disclosure.

Discover Namibia’s five must-see sights

1. Spitzkoppe

Spitzkoppe. | Photo: Disclosure/Safari Frank.

Mountainous place that can reach 1784 meters above sea level, there you can see several cave paintings. For tourists, it is recommended to go with a guide, as the region is in the middle of the desert and has no drinking water, there are people who prefer to camp there.

2. Etosha

Etosha. | Photo: Reproduction.

Etosha National Park is one of the largest nature reserve parks in all of Africa, covering about 20,000 km², where it is home to 100 species of mammals, 364 birds, and 16 reptiles. The place can only be visited through Safaris, which are available during the entire period that has the Sun’s illumination.

3. Sossusvlei – Namibian Desert

Namibia Desert
Namibian Desert. | Photo: Reproduction.

Considered the oldest desert in the world, with about 43 million years, the desert has great dunes for the tour. The main highlight of the region is the sunrise or sunset.

4. Dead Vlei

Dead Vlei. | Photo: Reproduction.

Still in the desert, now flatter, Dead Vlei was once a forest and, nowadays, you can still see tree trunks around the region, rooted, firm and dry. Namely, Dead Vlei’s trees are about 900 million years old, this valley is between the dunes and that’s why the water couldn’t get there anymore.

5. Fish River Canyon

Namibia tourism
Fish River Canyon. | Photo: Reproduction.

Located in southern Namibia, River Canyon is the largest canyon in the southern hemisphere and second in the world, second only to the famous Grand Caynon in Arizona. The Canyon is part of a national park, it is 10km until you reach Curva do Inferno. Fish River Canyon figures are 160 km long, reaching in some points 27 km wide and 550 m deep.