La Poste: soon the end of the red stamp? – EconomyMorning

In its “Information report on the future of public services at La Poste”, the Senate Economic Affairs Committee proposes to eliminate day-ahead mail delivery, in order to allow La Poste to reduce its operating costs. .

Removing the red stamp would save 120 million euros per year

Will the Priority Letter (the famous “red stamp”) ever disappear? The removal of the range of La Poste’s offer of this delivery on D + 1 is in any case among the recommendations just made by the Senate Economic Affairs Committee aimed at preserving La Poste’s economic balance. According to the commission’s calculations, this would lead to savings estimated at 120 million euros per year. And anyway, ” this offer no longer corresponds to the uses of citizens who favor sending emails for rapid transmission of information “. As the authors of the report recall, ten years ago, a French family sent around fifty priority letters per year, compared to only five per year in 2019. The committee nevertheless considers it essential to preserve this distribution to J + 1 for the distribution of the press.

Contrary to the recommendation of the Court of Auditors, which recently recommended the abolition of distribution on Saturdays, the Economic Affairs Committee suggests on the contrary to increase the number of letter carriers on Saturdays “in order to improve the quality of service of La Poste and to pursue an objective of social cohesion ”.

Senators want the state to compensate La Poste’s deficit each year

To put the company La Poste back on the right track, the committee also recommends compensating for the deficit of La Poste for its public service missions of mail and press delivery. For this, it proposes to charge the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts (Arcep) to assess each year the net cost of the universal postal service and of the distribution of the press, in order to determine the amount of compensation for the state.

It is also proposed that Arcep be responsible for ensuring the cost resulting from the shoddy work of La Poste agents. Each year, La Poste is indeed obliged to pay compensation for claims for mail delivery and parcel delivery services (undelivered or damaged items, non-consideration of requests, incorrect entry). There is also a cost to dealing with these complaints.