La Poste: the French are sending less and less mail

This is news which, if confirmed, will prove that we have entered a new world. Imagine that the boss of the Post office recently declared that there might be no more red stamps tomorrow to frank the mail.

The disappearance of the red stamp

In other words, the urgent rate, which in theory guarantees a letter to be delivered to its recipient within 24 hours, could disappear. Why ? Because there are lots of other ways to send something quickly, we say to the Post.

For urgent documents, there is the email, of course, knowing that more and more often, we are asked to scan the document, and send the original later by mail. For payments, the check is not dead, but there are now so many other electronic payment methods that we can ignore them.

Less and less mail sent

And if we still have to send something urgently, well, there is … Chronopost, and the other express couriers. And too bad if it costs much, much more than a red stamp. Difficult however to throw stone at the Post office; last year, we have sent and received 20% fewer letters in France, and this has been going on for years.

In the year 2000, we sent and received 10 times more letters, compared to today. As a result, the hypothesis of a mail delivery every other day is regularly put back on the table, but for the moment, nothing is done.