Laboratories fear a strong influx in the coming weeks

Who says sanitary pass, says next influx in the analysis laboratories. To be able to continue to enjoy the cultural and leisure spaces, non-vaccinated French people will have to be tested.

A large summer crowd in the analysis laboratories

With the extension of the scope of the health pass on Wednesday July 21 and at the beginning of August, analysis laboratories expect to see an influx of unvaccinated French people looking for a negative test for their pass. sanitary.

The president of the biologists’ union, François Banchecotte, confided to the Parisian : ” In the coming weeks, demand will be very strong. It is believed that there will be just under two million withdrawals this week, as people first rushed for vaccination. Except then they’re going to need some testing “.

Towards a staff shortage

The pharmaceutical group Biogroup, leader in medical analysis in France, estimates its current weekly testing capacity at 200,000. It will be able to increase its yields by 100,000 tests per week by running the machines continuously. However, there is the question of the lack of personnel during this period of leave. The group, which performs 30% of the tests at the national level, has already extended its hours to Sunday but will not be able to do more without the right staff.

François Banchecotte confit: “ It is not on the reagents side that there will be problems, but on the personnel. Nurses work in vaccination centers, because the salary is more interesting, and the students went on vacation after this complicated year ”. To cope, laboratories began to hire ” second year dental surgery students who can do PCRs “.

As of Wednesday, July 21, 2021, it will be necessary to have been fully vaccinated or to have carried out a PCR test to be able to go to places of culture and leisure. The health pass system will then be extended in early August to restaurants, bars and certain shopping centers.