Lada: a motorhome for less than 13,000 euros? – EconomyMorning

It is an official project, resulting from a strange idea of ​​a tuner, and it is likely to be successful: a motorhome for less than 13,000 euros, that does not run the streets. With the modified Lada Granta, it is possible.

A Lada and Lux ​​Form collaboration for a low-cost motorhome

The price of motorhomes is high, several tens or even more than a hundred thousand euros, if you want something new. And even in the second-hand market, business is scarce. Especially since the success of houses on wheels, Covid-19 obliges, impacts the market: for lack of being able to get to a hotel, or for fear of the virus, some opt for a trip where the bedroom follows them on the journey.

The Lada Granta offers exactly that: a mobile bedroom. Except that the price defies all competition: Lux Form announces 1.15 million rubles for the base model, or approximately 12,800 euros. The luxury model, whose characteristics have not been revealed, also displays a minimal price: 1.8 million rubles, or 25,000 euros. The price of a small sedan not even too luxurious.

The motorhome has all the comforts

While the model, which is based on the Lada Granta, is clearly not the most luxurious motorhome in the world, it does have the advantage of having all the comforts. We are certainly cramped there, but there are three places to sleep, a mini-kitchen and even… a toilet and a shower.

The good news is that production is announced, with varying trim levels. It will therefore be possible to obtain it. So far, no announcement regarding a launch in Western Europe has been made, and it will therefore be necessary to go to Russia and do some import papers for the vehicle. But even with that, the cost of the Lada Granta should be very competitive.