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Some retirement advice for women

1 – Are you in a civil partnership or live in cohabitation? What if you were thinking about getting married?

If you are in a civil partnership or live in cohabitation and your partner dies, you will not be able to receive the reversion. Indeed, reversion only applies in the event of marriage.

2 -… But think about it all the same twice!

Subtle rules of division or loss of rights apply in the event of remarriage of one of the two partners. For example, if you remarry, you may lose your ex’s pension reversion rights, and your new husband, to whom you will have the rights, may have a worse pension! Better to know the rules and make the right choice!

Good to know : In most schemes, remarriage removes the right to a survivor’s pension in respect of the ex-spouse.

3 – Never work with your spouse without being declared

Please note, a golden rule: register with social organizations. Because no declaration, means that you will not have pension contributions, that is to say, no pension! When we say that in love we do not count… It is also a good way to assert and recognize your skills with the chosen one of your heart.

4 – Before taking parental leave or working part-time to take care of your children, assess the loss of your rights and negotiate!

Even if times are starting to change, women are more naturally assuming the educational role within families, and we know how much the follow-up of our charming toddlers takes time and energy! Before making this choice, calculate the pension rights that you lose by working less and take the opportunity to negotiate with the father for payments into a PER (retirement savings plan)!

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