Lanxess expands investment in China

Specialized chemicals company LANXESS invested another 30 million euros to increase capacity by 30,000 tons/year at its factory in Changzhou, China.

LANXESS will scale up high-tech plastic production in Changzhou, China.

Specialized chemicals company LANXESS has announced the expansion of production in China with the construction of a second production line specializing in the production of Durethan and Pocan – two lines of high-tech engineering plastics at its Changzhou factory. China.

Accordingly, LANXESS will invest an additional 30 million euros to increase capacity by 30,000 tons/year at its Changzhou factory. Together with plants in Changzhou and Wuxi, the move will bring the company’s total capacity in China to 110,000 tonnes per year.

The new production line is expected to come into operation from the first quarter of 2023.

Mr. Hubert Fink, Member of the Board of Directors of LANXESS said: “The expansion of production scale will help us meet strong demand from China’s thriving auto industry. The booming electric vehicle market is driving demand for light-weight applications as well as increasing the share of electronic components used in cars. The new production line marks an important step in the expansion of LANXESS’s operations in China.”

LANXESS considers electric cars as the main application area for Durethan (polyamide PA 6 and PA 66 compounds), Pocan (polybutylene terephthalate – PBT) and Tepex (infinity fiber reinforced composite material – endless). fiber-reinforced composites). LANXESS currently offers products that meet the most stringent standards for fire resistance, electrical conductivity and ecological behavior of the two global electrical and electronic industries.

Two lines of high-performance plastic products Durethan and Pocan can be used to replace metal parts in cars, thereby significantly reducing weight, energy consumption as well as carbon emissions.