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The Bandog impresses from the first glance. It must be said that his imposing size and his intimidating air are enough to arouse fears. This mastiff is however affectionate and faithful if he benefits from a suitable education. They are also the perfect watchdogs.

Bandog characteristics

All the particularity of the Bandog is based on its impressive size. As it is an animal that is not yet recognized by the official dog authorities, it does not have an established standard. Nevertheless, he has a few physical traits that make him unique. In terms of size, the female Bandog is between 58 and 70 cm while the male measures between 63 and 73 cm. The weight varies between 40 and 63 kg depending on age and sex. With a sporty look and a very marked musculature, the Bandog exudes strength with its large and rectangular body. He is recognizable by his square and broad head as well as his strong jaw. The breed being very variable, the physical characteristics can vary from one dog to another. The color of the coat for example is usually brindle with blue, black and fawn, but it is not uncommon to find subjects with other types of fur. The hair on the other hand is always short.

History of the Bandog breed

The Bandog was born from a hybrid cross of different mastiffs namely the American Pitbull terrier and the English Mastiff or the Neapolitan Mastiff. It first appeared in the United States under the leadership of Doctor Swingford in the 1960s. The veterinarian’s goal was to create the ultimate watchdog with strength and power. Moreover, thanks to hard work, he began to gain recognition from several magazines and newspapers. Sadly, Doctor Swingford died in 1971 resulting in the loss of his bloodlines. Some breeders then try to resume breeding. However, not all use the same method. If some people mix the American Pitbull Terrier and the English Mastiff, others prefer to cross with the Neapolitan Mastiff, which explains the variability of individuals.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Bandog

The Bandog was mainly used as a fighting dog, hence its dominant and aggressive temperament. He is also a popular watchdog. With him, no intruder will manage to get through the doors of the house. If he has received a good education, this dog can be very gentle and affectionate towards his owners. That’s why it should always be in good hands. The Bandog find it difficult to live with other animals including dogs unless they have been used to them from an early age. He is also very intelligent, but does not tolerate loneliness.

Diet and main health problems of Bandog

The Bandog can be affected by a few diseases that require regular monitoring with the veterinarian. Among the pathologies that concern him are tendinitis, hip dysplasia, stomach dilation or torsion syndrome and elbow dysplasia.

Price of a Bandog dog or puppy

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