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The Creole Shepherd designates a category of dogs evolving in the islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique and Saint-Martin. It is a very endearing animal who is both intelligent and loyal. To thrive, he must benefit from a coherent education, firm and free from all forms of violence.

Characteristics of the Creole Shepherd

The Creole Shepherd is a breed which is not recognized by any dog-dog authority whether it is the Central Canine Society or the International Cynological Federation. It also has no official standard, which makes any attempt at physical description quite complex. This breed appears to come in different coat colors, sizes, and appearances. However, it is given an average size and a weight that can range from 10 to 20 kg. The body ends in a medium length tail which is thick at the base and then becomes thinner when reaching the tip. The Creole Shepherd is recognizable by its standard size head which sports a black muzzle. Ears of medium size are also generally drooping. The eyes for their part are in harmony with the color of the dress. The dog has a short coat and sandy or black colored fur. It also happens to find subjects with the brown dress.

History of the Creole Shepherd breed

For many generations, Creole Shepherds have lived in wandering by breeding among themselves. They are born from a mixture between many races including the Molossoids which were the object of an important traffic in Guadeloupe. Some dogs are left behind because they no longer attracted the public or were unable to fight. They then mixed with local breeds, which is why the Creole dog carries genes from certain Molossoids, especially in Guadeloupe. Today, it has become homogenized and has common characteristics. However, until now it suffers from the lack of a well-established standard. Breeders and other enthusiasts are fighting for the Creole Shepherd to finally benefit from official recognition to prevent a permanent extinction.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Creole Shepherd

The Creole Shepherd has many qualities. He is appreciated for his loyalty and the affection he has for his masters. He tends to be quite fearful if he is not yet confident. As soon as he arrives in the home, he must then be reassured and pampered. As this is an intelligent breed, education is relatively easy. This must be done with firmness and gentleness and must be marked by congratulations and rewards. It is important to start socialization work early to avoid any overflow.

Diet and main health problems of the Creole Shepherd

From a health point of view, it seems that the Creole Shepherd is a fairly robust animal that is exempt from genetic pathologies. However, to ensure him a long life away from diseases, he needs a healthy and balanced diet and must do regular physical exercises, especially since he is an energetic dog. The meals of the Creole Shepherd are to be adapted to his lifestyle, his state of health and his age.

Price of a Creole Shepherd dog or puppy

  • Male Creole Shepherd Award: nc
  • Female Creole Shepherd Award: nc
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