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It is rare and little known outside the French borders. Still, the Billy deserves all the honors because he is a loving, intelligent and efficient dog. He excels at hunting activities, but can very well become a loving, easy-going pet.

Billy characteristics

The Billy captures all attention with its athletic and sporty appearance with a powerful and well-muscled body. It is said to be dolichomorphic and dolichocephalic. It is a large dog that measures between 58 and 70 cm and weighs around 30 kg. He is recognizable by his thin and dry head of medium length which reveals a rounded forehead, but without excess. This one wears ears attached high, flat and of intermediate dimension. The Billy returns a beautiful expressive and lively look thanks to his dark and wide open eyes. Regarding its coat, it is short, even shaved, and has a certain density in addition to being hard to the touch. The dress is entirely white and can sport different shades of white type with lemon or light orange spots or even café au lait.

Billy breed history

He is little known compared to many of his counterparts. However, the Billy is not a recent breed, far from it. This dog, which appeared in the Poitou region in France around the 19th century, was developed by Hublot du Rivault. This lord and dog breeder had the project of reproducing the White Dogs of the King, highly prized by royalty, notably Louis XIV, Henri IV and François Ier. To achieve this, he had to make numerous crosses with breeds that no longer exist today, such as Larye, Montaimboeuf or even Céris. The Billy is a rather confidential breed. The fragility of the genetic inheritance makes the sustainability of this dog complicated.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Billy

The Billy has this advantage of having a good character. It is a pleasant, intelligent and dynamic animal. It is also a working dog par excellence. It was especially developed for hunting and shines for its talents in this area. Moreover, he has an exceptional flair. Efficient and fast, it adapts to all environments and climates. He is a very energetic dog who constantly needs to exercise. He will therefore not be able to be brought up in the city in an apartment and will have to be surrounded by sports masters with whom he can run. The Billy is also very affectionate and will be able to get along with the children as well as with his congeners provided that the socialization starts as soon as possible.

Diet and main health problems of Billy

So far, it has been relatively difficult to define the hereditary pathologies that affect Billy. We know that his life expectancy fluctuates between 10 and 12 years. Like all dogs, they need a balanced diet to live as long and as healthy as possible. His meals are to be adapted according to his physical activities. During the hunting season, they must contain protein, fat, fiber as well as a vitamin E supplement.

Billy Breed Dog or Puppy Price

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Photo credit: Anne-Lise Lebrun