Le Bouvier de l’Enlebuch: character, education, health, prices | Dog Breed

The Swiss mountain dog family already made up of the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Appenzell Bouvier and the Grand Bouvier Suisse also includes the Entlebuch Bouvier. Versatile, the breed was once very popular with shepherds. As this profession hardly exists any more, the animal is reconverted into a reliable and efficient guard dog or as an affectionate family dog.

Characteristics of the Entlebuch mountain dog

With intermediate dimensions, the Entlebuch Bouvier measures between 42 and 50 cm. It is small if we had to align it with other Swiss mountain dogs. Sporting a marked musculature and a body stretched towards the length, the Entlebuch Bouvier offers a more or less angular and harmonious head compared to the rest of the body. The skull is ample and flat and is accompanied by a barely visible stop. The nose is dark, the muzzle is straight and the muzzle asserts a certain power. Round, the eyes have a medium size and stand out for their brown color. There is also a black halo border encircling the eyelids. The look expresses sympathy and cunning. The ears are not excessively large, have a round tip and a high attachment. The Entlebuch Mountain Dog wears a short, shiny coat, but without being soft. As required by the standard, the coat is tricolor. The black dress will present white and tan undertones on some parts of the body.

History of the Entlebuch Bouvier breed

Of Swiss origin, the Entlebuch mountain dog grows in the eponymous valley. Around the 19th century, it was first baptized under the name “Entlebucherhund”. Unfortunately for him, he will find it difficult to assert his own identity due to recurring confusions with the Appenzell Bouvier. But in the early 1900s, a dog event organized in Langenthal (Switzerland) will restore order to this problem. On this occasion in fact, the four herdsmen are exhibited. It was from there that they could be clearly distinguished. The Bouvier de l’Enlebuch will benefit in 1927 from its own standard and be officially recognized in 1954 by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Entlebuch mountain dog

The Entlebuch Bouvier is a highly sought-after breed for its multiple qualities. Compliments are flowing about her. They are said to be a loyal, lovable and dynamic dog. Although today he can no longer ensure herd or draft driving missions, his conversion as a companion animal is a success. The Entlebuch Bouvier is very attached to its owners, in addition to being a smart and sensitive animal. He gets along wonderfully with children and does not mind training sessions because he enjoys work and enjoys obeying and having fun at the same time.

Diet and main health problems of the Entlebuch mountain dog

The Entlebuch Bouvier is not subject to any genetic defect or other diseases. But in order for him to stay in great shape, he needs to eat healthy and in sufficient quantity.

Price of a Bouvier de l’Enlebuch dog or puppy

  • Male Entlebuch Bouvier Prize: € 1,000
  • Bouvier de l’Enlebuch female prize: € 1,000

Photo credit: Serge Renggli