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Very rare in France, the Donskoy is a feline breed that attracts attention with its very atypical physique. Along with the Peterbald and the Sphynx, he is part of the very closed circle of hairless cats. So get to know him better.

Donskoy characteristics

All in elegance, the Donskoy has a body of semi-foreign type with a broad croup, a powerful musculature as well as a strong frame. The legs should be in proportion to the body and be long. The tail is thin and long. The standard is that the head is wedge-shaped and has many folds at the forehead. The ears are open and very large and set very high on the head. The eyes are almond shaped.

As for the skin, it has many folds especially on the stomach, neckline and armpits. Sometimes kittens are born with wavy hair or down. But over time, these disappear. Also in winter, to protect against the cold, down may appear.

All in elegance, the Donskoy has a semi-foreign body with a wide rump

History of the Donskoy breed

The breed is said to have first appeared in Russia in 1987. A schoolteacher found a hairless cat that she handed over to vets for treatment, believing it to be an illness. When this cat gave birth to her first litter, some kittens had hair and some did not. Except that those who were hairy also started to lose their fur over time. This genetic peculiarity pleased a breeder who decided to develop the breed. Crosses were made with oriental cats as well as Europeans, especially Siberians or Persians.

Donskoy is said to have appeared for the first time in Russia

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Donskoy

The Donskoy is recognized for his intelligence, his affectionate character and above all his dynamism. He is even considered hyperactive at times, making him a great player too. He particularly appreciates the presence of his masters whom he follows everywhere, even if it means being a bit sticky. The Donskoy demands a lot of hugs from them. A very important detail to know about this breed: it is completely devoid of aggression. So the Donskoy will not be able to defend itself when it is attacked by its other congeners or other animals. For this reason, it is strongly advised not to let it go out.

Diet and main health problems in Donskoy

The absence of hair forces the Donskoy to compensate by providing its body with the maximum number of calories. It is therefore a greedy cat. The calories will allow him to increase his body temperature and thus avoid the cold. Its diet must be complete and rich and can be in the form of croquettes specially formulated for hairless cat breeds. You can give it homemade food by avoiding certain foods such as shallot, onion, garlic, chocolate, egg white, nuts or even raisins.

On the health side, lung infections are the diseases that can frequently affect the breed. Moreover, it is a robust cat that can live up to 19 years.

Price of a Donskoy cat or kitten

  • Male Donskoy price: € 1,250
  • Donskoy price female: € 1,250

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