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Breed made in France, the Grand Anglo-Français tricolor is an adorable pet just as it can be a formidable ally in hunting activities. This dog is best known for its independent nature, but it is also affectionate towards its owners.

Characteristics of the Grand Anglo-Français tricolor

Hound, that is to say that it intervenes in the hunt to pursue game by relying on its sense of smell, the Great Anglo-French tricolor benefits from a rather imposing size. The females are between 60 and 68 cm while the males are between 62 and 72 cm. Depending on sex and age, the weight varies between 30 and 35 kg. The dog has a well-built body marked by a straight back, a muscular, short and wide kidney, a rather long cut, a chest of good width and a tail which ends in a well-furnished tuft. He is also recognizable by his elongated head with a flat skull and a stop sign revealing an accentuated frontal fracture. The eyes are haloed with a dark note and have a pretty brown color. They are quite large. The ears are set on the same level as the eyes and are of intermediate size. The Grand Anglo-Français tricolor is recognizable by its short, dense and soft coat. The dress must be tricolor to be accepted by the standard.

History of the Grand Anglo-Français tricolor breed

Although this is a French breed, the truth is that not much is known about the origins of the Grand Anglo-Français tricolor. The latter is one of the three dogs belonging to the Great Anglo-French category in the same way as the white and orange variant and the one which is black and white. This breed would be the result of a hybridization between native French dogs and English breeds more precisely of Haut-Poitevin and Foxhound. A contribution from Saintongeoise would also be plausible. The Great Anglo-French tricolor is very rare even in its native country. He is appreciated for his endurance and his thoroughness in hunting big game. Its official international recognition is recent since it dates from 1983.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Grand Anglo-Français tricolor

The Grand Anglo-Français tricolor is a dog without history. It has a strong hunting instinct, but can also act as a pet. He is a loyal doggie and overflowing with love for his owners. He is patient with children and is playful, friendly and gentle. At home, he knows how to be calm and docile as long as he has benefited from enough physical activity. In addition, he is not so suspicious of strangers, especially if the introductions have been made properly. The Grand Anglo-French tricolor on the other hand will not be able to operate in an apartment. He is a very dynamic dog who needs large spaces to let off steam.

Diet and main health problems of the Grand Anglo-Français tricolor

The advantage of adopting a Grand Anglo-Français tricolor is that it is exempt from specific diseases. However, to avoid going back and forth to the veterinarian, it will be necessary to make sure to offer him a balanced and nutritious diet.

Price of a tricolor Grand Anglo-Français dog or puppy

  • Grand Anglo-French tricolor male prize: n / a
  • Grand Anglo-French tricolor prize female: n / a

Photo credit: Caronna

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