Le York Chocolat: character, education, health, prices | Cat breed

Do you know York Chocolat? No, this is not a new trendy coffee brand, but a breed of cat that, as the name suggests, sports a pretty chocolate or lilac dress. This loving animal is a perfect indoor companion.

Characteristics of York Chocolat

York Chocolat owes its success to its physical appearance. It is a rather large cat that can weigh 4 to 5 kg in females and 6 to 8 kg in males. He presents a midline-type silhouette with a built and very robust physique. Its body ends in a thick tail at the base and of good length. His round head reveals a rounded forehead, but not excessively. Her almond-cut eyes are large, open, and sport a green or gold color.

Only two-colored cats can have odd eyes, that is to say one green and the other gold. Blue eyes are also allowed in these subjects. York Chocolat also draws all its beauty from its short or mid-length coat with a soft texture and an infinitely shiny appearance. The dress must exclusively be lilac and chocolate with a very pronounced color. Soon, the blue-coated York Chocolates will also be accepted by the standard, but recognition is still ongoing.

History of the York Chocolat breed

The York Chocolat has a somewhat similar history to that of other modern cats. Its discovery in the early 1980s is also the result of chance. In the United States, in New York more precisely, a breeder had a white and black gutter cat which was crossed with a black male. The litter revealed the presence of a little chocolate and white cat named Brownie.

The latter also had a litter including an all-chocolate kitten called Teddy Bear. From their coupling appear the first generations of York Chocolat. The American breeder Janet Chiefari decided to create a breeding program for these cats with intense color and very soft fur. It was not until 1990 that the standard was implemented. Two years later, the breed was officially recognized.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of York Chocolat

York Chocolat has many qualities. He is loyal, cheerful, kind, cuddly and very loving. He will be able to get along very well with the whole family even if it is often said that it is the cat of a single master who needs a lot of attention to be fulfilled. He also finds it difficult to endure loneliness. Very curious, he enjoys engaging in stimulating experiences and making discoveries. By this character, he likes to share his daily life with the children with whom he communicates by purring rather than meowing. The York Chocolat is also an outdoor cat who loves to hunt mice and other pests.

Food and main health problems of York Chocolat

This cat has no specific health problems and is also appreciated for this robustness. To ensure the shine and softness of its beautiful coat, it will need to be brushed very regularly. As for food, it must be of quality, always with a view to preserving its dress.

Price of a York Chocolate Cat or Kitten

  • York Chocolate Male Prize: € 1,500
  • York Chocolate Prize female: € 1,800