Le Zuchon or Shichon: character, education, health, price | Dog Breed

Hybrid breed dogs have been gaining popularity for several years now. Zuchon is the perfect proof of this and even if it is not very well known in France, the United States, the country where it comes from, it is successful. Cuddly, energetic and playful, this dog also has the quality of being hypoallergenic because it loses relatively little hair.

Characteristics of Zuchon

The Zuchon also nicknamed Shichon, Teddy Bear or Tzu Frize is a dog resulting from a cross between the Shi Tzu and the Bichon Frize. This small hybrid dog measures between 22 and 30 cm and weighs between 4 to 10 kg depending on sex and age. However, it turns out that the males are larger than the females. The Zuchon has a body of relatively well balanced proportions that ends in a soft-haired, medium-length tail.

It has more or less broad ears which are at the half of the head and which go forward with rounded ends. The dark brown or coffee-colored eyes are round and give off an expression of mischief. The Shichon has medium-length hairs which are wavy. Like most dog designers, it was created with the aim of not causing allergies in humans by having very little hair loss. The dress can be of different colors. Nevertheless, it is more common to encounter black, gray, brown, white or cream subjects.

History of the Zuchon breed

The Shichon does not have a long history behind it, as it is a relatively recent breed. Mention is made of its existence from the last decades of the twentieth century. It is a dog resulting from a purely human creation since it was born from the cross between the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frize. It’s unclear exactly where it actually first appeared, but it seems that the hybridization is the work of breeding experts. For the moment, no canine association officially recognizes the Shichon, at least in Europe, because in the United States, it benefits from a standard within the American Hybrid Club (AHC). This lack of standard and recognition is slowing down its development on the Old Continent.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Zuchon

The Shichon has the reputation of having a strong temperament and this despite his small size. He is also known to have a lot of energy which is why he is a perfect playmate for children. Moreover, the lack of activities can cause him a certain nervousness. The teachers must have time to take him for a walk every day, otherwise he risks doing stupid things. Despite these few small flaws, the Shichon remains an obedient, attentive, and intelligent dog. He gives a lot of affection and enjoys the moments of cuddling with his humans.

Diet and main health problems of Zuchon

The Shichon can develop diseases especially in the respiratory system. He may also have heart failure from the intracardiac pressure affecting the mitral valve. Sometimes he also suffers from dysplasia of the patella or patellar luxation.

Price of a Zuchon dog or puppy

  • Male Zuchon price: nc
  • Zuchon price female: nc