Leaders’ Putrajaya Declaration on the APEC Vision to 2040

Leaders’ Putrajaya Declaration on the APEC Vision to 2040

The 27th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting adopted the Putrajaya Declaration on the APEC Vision to 2040 to promote three important economic drivers.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and other leaders of APEC member economies adopt the Putrajaya Declaration on the APEC Vision to 2040

Our vision is an open, dynamic, resilient and peaceful Asia-Pacific community by 2040, for the prosperity of all people and future generations.

Committed to continuing to carry out APEC’s mission and upholding the principles of voluntary, non-binding and consensus-based, we will achieve this Vision by promoting the following three economic drivers:

Trade and Investment:

To ensure Asia-Pacific continues to be the most dynamic and connected economic region in the world, we recognize the importance and will continue to work closely to build a commercial and early-stage environment. freedom, openness, fairness, non-discrimination, transparency and stability.

We reaffirm our support for the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) agreed rules to promote an efficient multilateral trading system and stable and predictable international trade flows. guess.

We will continue to promote the Bogor Goals and market-oriented regional economic integration, including the implementation of the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area agenda. (FTAAP), contributes to the consolidation of regional commitments to high and comprehensive standards.

We will promote connectivity, sustainable supply chains, and responsible business.

Innovation and Numbers chemical:

To enable all people and businesses to participate and thrive in a tightly connected global economy, we will foster the building of enabling environments, including ensuring market orientation and development of the digital economy and innovation.

We will foster structural reforms and the right economic policies to drive innovation and productivity and dynamism.

We will strengthen digital infrastructure, accelerate digital transformation, bridge digital gaps, and work together to facilitate data flow and strengthen consumer and business confidence in delivery. number translation.

Strong, balanced, safe, sustainable and inclusive growth:

To ensure Asia and the Pacific is resilient to shocks, crises, pandemics and other emergencies, we will drive quality growth, delivering concrete benefits, improve health and well-being for all people, including small and medium enterprises, women, and groups with untapped economic potential.

We will strengthen comprehensive human resource development and economic-technical cooperation to better equip people with skills and knowledge for the future.

We will advance policies, cooperation and economic growth to support global efforts to tackle all environmental challenges, including climate change, extreme weather and natural disasters. , for a sustainable planet.

In order to maintain APEC’s special position as the leading regional economic cooperation forum and an incubator of modern and effective ideas, we will continue to reform APEC institutions through good governance and cohesion. with stakeholders.

We will advance the APEC Vision to 2040 in the spirit of equal partnership, shared responsibility, mutual respect, and shared interests and interests.

We will achieve the Vision by 2040 with an appropriate implementation plan and conduct review.