Leather sofa or fabric sofa: how to choose? Advantages and disadvantages

Tea or coffee, football or rugby, yin or yang? There are questions that come up regularly, without being able to really answer them. And for some, there is one to add when it comes to sofa: leather or fabric?

Luckily, you’ve hit the nail on the head and we’ll help you answer that last question. Because in fact, what are we really looking for when we want to treat ourselves to a sofa? A priori comfort, probably style, ideally a piece to be kept over time and finally, which is the best possible value for money. So let’s review this leather / fabric alternative through the prism of these four criteria: comfort, style, durability and budget.

Which of the two is more comfortable?

Let’s leave aside the entire internal part of the sofa, namely padding, springs, etc. to focus only on the covering: leather or fabric. What is the difference ? Leather is known to be a warm material. Sometimes a little too much if we refer to the leather seats in some cars. And no need to be in the sun, the effect is the same inside a home. Leather can be very cold when the ambient temperature is too. You can of course dress your leather sofa with throws. But you lose the interest of a leather sofa. As for the fabric, we have just seen it with plaids, it is reputed to be more comfortable than leather. It is therefore the fabric that wins the palm for comfort. – even if of course everything is a matter of personal taste. The feeling is not the same from one person to another, and whether it is visual or in this case tactile, it will be different from one individual to another at the time of decision-making and decision-making. purchase of the sofa.

Which of the two is the more stylish?

On this point even more, it is a question of personal taste. And in this area, there would be a lot to say about leather and fabric. On the one hand, leather is a noble material and in general gives character and a slightly more sophisticated tone to a room. On the other hand, the fabric is available in a much wider range of colors and patterns, and can therefore work with a wider range of colors and decorating moods. So it really depends on what you are looking for. Nothing beats a leather club sofa for that warm and slightly enveloping feeling. Whereas if you want to bring freshness and fun to a room, the fabric can satisfy you more. Here too, your lifestyle can make the difference. Because you are aware that the choice of a sofa comes down to a compromise between aesthetics, comfort and practicality. Leather or fabric? Advantage to both. The two coverings are tied for style.

Which of the two has the longer lifespan?

A sofa is an investment in furnishing and decoration. It is probably, in a living room, the room that requires the highest budget. It is therefore preferable that this purchase lasts over time and that you do not have to renew it too often. So think at the time of purchase of its resistance and ease of maintenance. You want to keep the good looks of the beginnings, don’t you?

By its very nature, leather is more durable than fabric and will therefore live a few years longer. In terms of maintenance, leather will undoubtedly be easier to clean except in the event of a major task. You just have to dust it off or wipe it off, so to speak. Which makes it a good choice if you have small children or people around you who can easily stain your sofa. Also, as any parent will attest, kids love to play on sofas and the fabrics can easily start to look a bit worn from the bouncing and pressure, while the leather retains its splendor more easily. . Finally, leather is hypoallergenic. Unlike the fabric sofa, which without regular cleaning, can be a nest for mites and very easily retain animal hair. The advantage would therefore be rather to leather when it comes to addressing the lifespan likely from the sofa.

Which one has the best quality / price ratio?

As with everything, the price you pay for your sofa reflects the quality of the product and the quality of the material that it is made of. Of course, leather sofas are perceived to be more expensive. But you will find high-end fabric sofas that are just as great. Beyond the material, take into account the criteria mentioned above: which one seems the most comfortable to you, the most suited to your style of interior decoration, the most able to last a long time? Do you prefer a sofa that is easy to maintain? Pay attention to allergies – cf. mites and animal hair? The sofa that will best meet your expectations will be the one in which you should invest. In this case, the advantage is neither to one nor to the other, but indeed to both: leather and fabric, equality.

Really having trouble choosing?

Maybe you need to go for both? It’s very simple: find the model that combines leather AND fabric. Or if necessary, treat yourself to two sofas!

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