Lexa buys sunglasses for over R $ 5,000 from Rihanna – Lifestyle

Lexa used Instagram stories this Monday (14th) to show netizens the new acquisition she made: a pair of sunglasses by the brand Fenty, by singer Rihanna.

Full of excitement, the funkeira stated that the order took a long time to arrive, as it ‘came from afar’, but now it will no longer remove the lenses from the face.

“I’m going to sleep with him, I’m going to the bathroom with him, in the winter I’ll be with him, at night I’ll be with him, I’ll go with him everywhere,” he said. “I’m going to walk around with my ‘plasma screen’ now every day in my face,” he joked.

Lexa’s happiness with the product, however, did not cost anything cheap, since the model she bought costs no less than R $ 5,300 in Brazil.

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