Lidl: a car leasing offer with Sixt – EconomyMatin

The German hard-discount giant Lidl continues to differentiate itself and develop its offer, facing Aldi, its long-standing competitor in Germany, which remains focused on food. In addition to its range of clothing, which has been torn off, or even an improvement in its Internet offer in Spain (in France Lidl does not sell on the Internet), here is a new offer offering… leased cars.

Three very different models offered

This is not the first time that Lidl has embarked on the automotive adventure, the group having already offered Fiat 500s for hire, but it is the first time that it has offered several vehicles to choose from. Very precisely, they are a Kia Stonic in Vision finish, and two Renault, the Twingo and the Clio, in Life finish, precise Caradisiac.

Each car has its price: 135 euros per month for the Stonic with 100 hp, 109 euros for the Clio (67 hp) and 99 euros for the Twingo (65 hp). An offer which also includes a comfortable envelope in terms of mileage: 10,000 per year. This is more than the annual average traveled by car by the French, which in 2017 was 8,500 kilometers and which has been falling steadily for years, in particular because of the increase in fuel prices.

Sixt as a partner… for an exclusively German offer for the moment

For this offer, Lidl has teamed up with the professional rental company Sixt, the German distributor not having the skills for this type of activity. In fact, Sixt will receive the vehicles delivered. And the offer is, for the moment, only available in Germany.

But it does appear that Lidl has launched a transformation of its large-scale activities over the past few years, targeting certain countries for experimentation. This suggests that the group, present throughout Europe, could extend these offers to new markets and other countries.