Lidl launches a new promotion of its Monsieur Cuisine, possibly the last

March 12, 2021, will it be the date of the last French promotion of Lidl’s Monsieur Cuisine robot? Indeed, the Vorwerk group behind the Thermomix robot has launched legal action to ban the robot from Lidl.

A promotion even more hallucinating than usual

For its potential last big promotion on Monsieur Cuisine, Lidl decided to mark the occasion and sell off even more than usual. Thus, on March 12, 2021, the Monsieur Cuisine robot will not be displayed at 359 euros as usual but at 279 euros. A much lower price than that of the Thermomix robot sold for 1,200 euros or even the youngest of the Vorwerk brand, the Thermomix Friend sold for 499 euros.

Lidl specified in the columns of the Capital site that not all Lidl stores would have the chance to offer the famous star product because ” only 377 establishments out of the 1,500 that the German distributor owns will soon offer it on the shelves “. It will be found in Lyon, Reims, Grenoble for example but no chance of finding it in Marseille, Toulouse, Brest or Paris. A news that should sadden more than one.

A last promotion before the ban on Monsieur Cuisine in France?

The promotion of March 12, 2021 could be the last that Lidl applies to its Monsieur Cuisine before having to permanently remove it from its shelves. Vorwerk is suing Lidl for plagiarism and patent infringement. Lawsuits which proved the company behind the Thermomix right. In Spain, for example, Lidl was forced to withdraw its Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot from sale.

Vorwerk does not intend to stop there since it launched legal proceedings for the same reasons against Lidl France at the end of January 2021 in order to end the marketing of the Silver Crest robot in France. The super promotion set up by Lidl on March 12th therefore looks like a swan song for the robot.