Lidl now sells Nike sportswear

The German discounter is probably the last place you could imagine finding rather high-end products, like those from Nike. And yet, it is indeed the case: Lidl and Nike have joined forces to offer the distributor’s customers products from the American group. With a little detail …

Nike products at Lidl?

The announcement was not made with great fanfare … because it is not global, at least for the moment: in Germany, mother country of Lidl, the discounter seems to have found a partnership with the sports giant Nike for offer part of its collection. Naturally, true to its prices, you will not find trendy shoes for several hundred euros: this is the basic collection that is offered by Lidl, about 50% off.

Thus, there are football boots at 22.99 euros, t-shirts at 9.99 euros or even a hooded jacket at 44.99 euros. Prices consistent with Lidl prices which, let us remember, launched its own sportswear collection at the start of 2021 on its website, making a splash.

Sales that… on the Internet?

While this Nike collection is only available in Germany and Spain, it is mostly only available on Lidl’s website. A decision that seems to be taken more and more by the discounter and that could mean a change in strategy, when Lidl is best known for its physical stores.

If the test is conclusive, for Nike as for Lidl, it could be that this practice becomes general, with special and temporary operations. For Lidl, it is also a way of promoting online sales, which the discounter offers for its non-food products.

However, French customers risk being excluded, at least initially: unlike Italy, Germany, Spain or even Belgium, the French Lidl website does not offer online shopping.

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