List of compulsory vaccines for cats

The cat can be vaccinated from the age of 2 months. Vaccination is essential to protect the health of the animal throughout its life and its owner must therefore ensure that it is perfectly up to date. Good respect for vaccine schedule which concerns the cat is part of the responsibilities of each owner. This is absolutely essential to effectively protect your little companion against numerous contagious and fatal diseases, and whatever his race and his lifestyle. Let’s take stock of the pathologies targeted by vaccination and see in which cases the law requires a person to vaccinate his cat.

Cat vaccination: above all an act of prevention

You don’t have to wait for your cat to get sick to think about getting her vaccinated. Common sense dictates that he can receive all his vaccines as soon as he is old enough. This makes it possible to avoid its contamination by pathologies that are either disabling or fatal, but it is also essential so that it cannot transmit these diseases to other animals or to humans. So it’s a question of public health. In addition, everyone knows that a cat in excellent health lives longer.

So that he can benefit from the vaccines which are necessary, one should not hesitate to ask the veterinarian for the vaccination schedule established on a case-by-case basis.

Cat health: the main very specific vaccines strongly recommended

There are many vaccines for cats that can effectively protect them against the following diseases:

  • Rabbies shot : this dreadful disease of viral origin is fatal in 100% of cases and is transmitted to humans. It is the only one to be mandatory in certain situations as we will see in more detail in the following paragraph.
  • Vaccine against feline leukosis : this viral disease is transmitted by direct contact from one cat to another and mainly affects cats who spend a lot of time outdoors. But a cat can also transmit the leukemia virus to her embryos. Vaccination against feline leukosis can be performed from the age of 2 months. The animal receives a first injection then a second 21 to 28 days later. A reminder is then carried out every year.
  • Feline typhus vaccine : very contagious, this viral disease can be contracted by an adult cat as by a kitten. Vaccination is possible from the age of 8 weeks. Schedule a booster once a year.
  • Coryza vaccine : this serious and very contagious disease commonly called the common cold can cause blindness but also the death of the animal. The vaccine can be administered to the kitten from the age of 2 months. A reminder is to be programmed every 36 months if the cat rarely goes outside, every 12 months in outdoor cats because they are particularly exposed to the risk of contamination.
  • Chlamydia vaccine : this disease is more common in catteries and animal shelters and it is almost impossible to cure permanently.

Rabies vaccine, a very specific legislation

Every owner of a cat is required toobligation to vaccinate your animal against rabies in certain situations. The rabies vaccination is therefore required in the following cases:

  • The cat must travel outside the borders of the national territory. The cat owner must be able to produce any supporting documents to the competent authorities in order to prove that his animal has received this vaccination.
  • The cat lives in a department infested with rabies,
  • The cat lives in a kennel, a cattery, a refuge,
  • The cat has been in contact with a declared rabid animal …

It is mandatory, so that it can be vaccinated, that the little feline is identified by an electronic chip called a transponder or by means of a tattoo, but the latter must have been carried out by a health veterinarian and be perfectly legible.

We should not be content to vaccinate our cat only when this is required by regulations. Finally, a cat vaccinated regularly from an early age must continue to benefit from the vaccination even when he is old. This is very important because an old cat is even more vulnerable due to the fact that aging inexorably leads to a fragility of its organism. We must therefore think about protecting it well. To take care of the health of his little feline, many masters take out a contract with a href = “” class = “redactor-linkify-object”> https : // … for animals and they are absolutely right. They can thus get a refund of a large part of the veterinary costs, vaccination included.