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The scarf is a wild accessory in any wardrobe and has been present in the fashion world since Roman times (by the way, to see a little more about its origin, click here). In addition, the looks with scarf are super versatile and match any season, especially with summer looks.

There are several ways to use a scarf, such as on your head, neck, as a belt or even as a complement to bags and backpacks. However, there are still many questions about how to apply the accessory.

Therefore, the Women’s Area separated some tips to help you assemble looks with a scarf, and don’t worry, there are options for all styles and occasions!

Looks with scarf

1. Neckerchief

For those who are fans of the most retro and romantic style, wearing the scarf around the neck can be a great option. In addition to giving a super stylish and elegant touch to the look, this way of using the scarf makes the looks even more funky and modern.

The combinations are countless, such as, for example, using the accessory with jeans, dress, overalls, or even blazers. In addition, the looks with scarf around the neck are great options to escape the cold in winter.

2. Hairstyles

Nothing like an accessory to give an extra touch to the look, right? So, scarves make all the difference, especially when used with a hairstyle. For example: to tie the hair or in the peasant style. This option is perfect for those who enjoy summer looks and also for lovers of vintage fashion.

3. Scarf as a bracelet or anklet

For those who like to leave the traditional and bet on more daring looks, using the scarf as a bracelet or anklet is a great option. In addition, this form of application is perfect to give an up in a more basic look, such as, for example, applying a colorful scarf in an all-black look.

4. As a belt

Do you know that lifeless look? So, to give him an upgrade, there’s nothing like wearing a scarf as a belt. In addition to being super hot, this trick makes you look even more sophisticated and fashionable.

5. Complement for scholarships

One of the most classic ways to use the scarf is to apply the accessory to bags. This trick is perfect for giving up on that bag that you have used countless times and ended up getting sick since you are able to transform it.

6. Scarf as Top

The new fashion trend chosen by fashionistas is to use the scarf as a top. In addition to there being several ways to apply the trick, the accessory as a top looks super beautiful and gives the look a more stripped and stylish look, perfect for enjoying the spring-summer 2021.

+ Inspirations

So, what did you think of this article about looks with the scarf? Now just choose the way that suits you best and rock the visuals. In fact, take the opportunity to check out also: Yellow Illuminating, how to use it? Pantone 2021 color tips and inspiration.

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