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Loto: a winner from Haute-Savoie leaves with 11 million euros – teller report

Saturday January 23, 2021, a player won 11 million euros in Loto in the department of Haute-Savoie. It took 9 draws without a winner before this player could win the bet. He becomes the 4th biggest Loto winner in the department.

A prize pool not won nine times

Finally, it was after a jackpot not won nine times in a row, that a player from Haute-Savoie found the correct Loto numbers, ie the 5 numbers as well as the Chance number as reported by France 3 Régions. And with eleven million euros, the lucky winner will have something to enjoy at the start of the year. More than 1.1 million grids were won during the Loto on Saturday January 23, 2021.

Thanks to the following winning combination: 1 13 19 24 48 and the number Chance 5, this Haute-Savoie player is the first Loto millionaire of this year 2021 after the Isère player who won 13 million euros in the New Year’s Super Loto. The same evening, three other players have won 88,104 euros with the 5 correct numbers but without the Chance number, a nice prize pool to start 2021. Then, 102 winners left with 632 euros in their pocket thanks to the rank 3 prize pool by having found the 4 correct numbers as well as the Chance number. Then, 10 winners walked away with 20,000 euros during the draw as reported by 20 Minutes. Finally, 626,088 people were reimbursed for their stake of 2.20 euros by guessing the Chance number.

The 4th biggest win in Haute-Savoie

The big winner of January 23 is the 4th biggest gain of Haute-Savoie. Even if since the beginning of the year, this is the first time that a player from the department has won the Loto bet, in 2021 there have already been three major wins in Haute-Savoie. And the record dates from February 3, 2006 and amounts to more than 61 million euros. This jackpot had been won in Evian-les-Bains at the Euromillions.

Another online player this time, had on March 14, 2008 also won the sum of 28 million euros. The third biggest winner of Haute-Savoie left with more than 19 million on May 2, 2009. The winner of Saturday January 23, 2021 is therefore the fourth winner of the department with the 11 million won. Finally, the 5th biggest winner had won 6 million euros on December 16, 2017 in Chamonix.

No jackpot won in 2019 and 2020 but two My Million winners

In the department of Haute-Savoie, no winner has pocketed a prize pool in 2019 or even in 2020. However, luck smiled on two players at the Euromillions My Million raffle. A player in Seynod and another in Marnaz each pocketed a million euros all round!

Regarding the brand new winner of the department, we will have to wait a few days before knowing where the grid was played and maybe knowing more about this player. To be able to pocket his prize, he now has 60 days to make himself known to the Française des Jeux.

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