Loto: a winner in Loire-Atlantique wins 7 million euros

Saturday March 6, 2021, a player won 7 million euros in Loto in the Loire-Atlantique department. This lucky one is the fifth biggest win in the department. It took five draws without a big winner for this player to finally win the bet.

A prize pool not won five times

A player from Loire-Atlantique found the correct Loto numbers, ie the 5 numbers as well as the Chance number after five draws without a winner. The lucky winner now has 7 million euros that he can spend as he wishes. 1,128,868 grids were won during the Loto on Saturday, March 6, 2021.

Thanks to the following winning combination: 3 11 13 22 30 and the number Chance 8, this Loire player was the only one to find the numbers as indicated by France Bleu but many other players won. The same evening, six other players won 45,975 euros with the 5 correct numbers but without the Chance number, a nice jackpot. Then, 157 winners walked away with 428 euros in their pocket thanks to the prize pool of rank 3 having found the 4 correct numbers as well as the Chance number. Finally, 542,539 people were reimbursed for their stake of 2.20 euros by guessing the Chance number.

The 5th biggest win in Loire-Atlantique

The big winner of March 6, 2021 is the 5th biggest win in Loire-Atlantique. This player has validated his grid at a tobacconist in Loire-Atlantique but no other information has been disclosed for the moment. One thing is certain, in 2021 there were already 6 millionaires but it is the first of the year in the Pays de la Loire region. as reported by the Tirage Gagnant website.

Regarding the brand new winner of the department, we will have to wait a few days before knowing more about this player. To be able to pocket his prize, he now has 60 days to make himself known to the Française des Jeux. He will then be able to have fun and make some of his dreams come true, what luck!

The top 5 biggest wins in Loire-Atlantique

In 2020, 3 lucky people had become millionaires in Loire-Atlantique including a couple of Parisians on vacation who won 2 million euros on July 27, 2020. On January 3, the bride and groom won 1 million euros thanks to the winning code My Million. And on July 31, another million euros was won by a player from Saint-Herblain.

Regarding the top 5 of the biggest wins in the department, it is first of all a resident of Saint Anne / Brivet who won more than 9 million euros on September 28, 2007. Then, another winner, in November 2010, won 8 million euros in Vertou. The third biggest winner of the department is a player from La Baule who walked away with more than 7 million euros won in the Loto on June 16, 2012. Similarly, another player had won 7 million euros on March 11, 2009 at Saint Nazaire. Finally, the very last winner of March 6, 2021 climbed into the top 5 with the 7 million euros won.