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LOTO RESULT OF WEDNESDAY 28 APRIL 2021: lottery draw, lotto, winning numbers, winnings report … All the data that may be useful to players of the lotto de la Française des Jeux are displayed in this article so that players can know s ” they won the jackpot of 3 million euros at stake this Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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Loto result of April 28, 2021

It is a new pot that the one proposed by the Française des Jeux in this lottery draw on April 28, 2021. A new draw for Loto fans and players from all over France that will allow them, perhaps, to win 3 million euros thanks to the winning numbers of Monday, October 2, 2017

During the last lottery draw on Monday April 26, 2021, No one has managed to find the combination that would have allowed him to win the cganotte of 2 million euros, won in the draw still before. The Française de sJeux therefore applies the rule and adds 1 million euros: the pot at stake increases to 3 million euros. But don’t worry: several hundred thousand players have won lower-ranked bets.

The tier 2 jackpot, for example, was won by only one player who actually hit the jackpot: 139,555.70 euros. And some 17 players won 2003 euros with the prize pool of rank 3 won thanks to winning lottery numbers.

Loto winning numbers for Wednesday, April 28, 2021

In addition, 250,887 players found the lucky number of the last lottery draw, which enabled them to have their grid at 2 euros reimbursed by the Française des Jeux.

The winning numbers for this Wednesday, April 28, 2021 will indeed allow them to become millionaires. It is therefore this draw which, from now on, is eagerly awaited in France.

loto result April 28

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