Loto result on Wednesday, January 27, 2021: 2 million euros at stake

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 27, 2021 LOTO RESULTS: find below the winning numbers, Wednesday January 27, 2021 lotto draw, results, winnings report. A lucky person could come home this evening with a gain of 2 million euros, the jackpot of the lottery of the Française des Jeux. On Monday, an online winner walked away with the 2 million euros at stake that evening.

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Lotto draw on Wednesday January 27, 2021

This Wednesday, January 27, 2021 the lottery pot put into play by the Française des Jeux shows 2 million euros. Monday, January 25, 2021, an online player had the chance to win the jackpot of 2 million euros! A nice sum for this first Loto of the week which must have given him a shock! This should inspire more than one for this new Loto draw and boost the lottery prize pool of this Wednesday 27 January 2021. As always, to win this nice pot you will have to find the 5 winning numbers as well as the Chance number !

An online Loto draw winner

A rank 1 winner took home 2 million euros. This lucky one had played online Monday, January 25. Other winners took home some interesting wins last Monday. This is the case of these 4 players who left with 32,993 euros thanks to the prize pool of rank 2 during the last lottery draw. During this lottery draw of Wednesday 27 January 2021, they will undoubtedly be numerous, also, to find the winning numbers and to gain some of the jackpots in play. Like the 322,683 players of the last lottery draw who, by finding the lucky number, saw their tickets being refunded by the society of the lottery. This Wednesday, January 27, 2021, the players will however try to win the 2 million euros of the tier 1 prize pool.

Lotto result of Wednesday January 27, 2021

Like every lottery draw, tonight’s draw will feature a prize pool that starts from its minimum. It displays, as we said, 2 million euros on the clock and will allow a player to leave a millionaire. So tonight’s prize pool for the lotto result of this Wednesday, January 27, 2021 could give whoever wins it a full chance of life! Some will want to go very far, others to invest or buy the home of their dreams!

OFFICIAL LOTO FDJ results are available on the official website of La Française des Jeux (Participation in the LOTO game implies adherence to their respective regulations and to the general regulations for the digital offer of la Française des Jeux published in the Official Journal).

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