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SATURDAY LOTO WINNING NUMBERS APRIL 10, 2021 ARE HERE: Winning numbers, lottery draw result, distribution of winnings, prize pool amount, lottery. All the information about the lottery draw for this Saturday April 10, 2021 evening are in this article available to players of the loto de la Française des Jeux. A few days before Christmas, it would be a good idea to win the 13 million euros at stake.

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Lotto result of Saturday April 10, 2021

Yesterday during the throw-in of the historic jackpot of 200 million euros at the Euromillions, a happy Frenchman had the chance to win the bet! This Saturday, April 10, 2021, the Loto jackpot reached the sum of 13 million euros : who will be the lucky one who will win it and be able to please the people he loves? While no one won the jackpot in the Wednesday 9 draw atvril, here is the lottery result of Saturday, April 10, 2021 in this article. A little lower to be exact.

In addition to the jackpot that can be won, secondary prizes can also be won. The tier 2 jackpot, for example from the last draw, was won by two people who received more than 105,600 euros making them the first winners. Then we can mention the 49 players who returned home with 1,052 euros in their pockets thanks to the rank 3 prize pool.

Loto winning numbers for Saturday, April 10, 2021

We could continue with the 410,802 people who, by finding the lucky number for this lottery draw, saw their two-euro grid be reimbursed by the Française des Jeux with a bonus of 20 cents. But as always, to win the sum of 13 million euros, you will have to find all the winning lottery numbers of the Saturday, April 10, 2021, ie the 5 correct numbers and the lucky number of the draw.

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