Lotto result of Wednesday April 7, 2021 – Economy

WINNING NUMBERS LOTO APRIL 7, 2021: It’s a new Wednesday that will end, as always with a lotto draw. This time, the jackpot put into play by the FDJ is 12 million euros, which, if not a record, is rather high for the French lottery. We hope that the winner, if there is any, will take advantage of this money!

Lotto draw April 7, 2021

If the lottery pot of April 7, 2021 is so high, 12 million euros, it is because no one won the previous draw. No one has also won the prize pool of rank 2 and its 153,000 euros. But there are still 53 people who left with more than 3,500 euros, which is not too bad and brings a little sunshine during this third confinement.

But what lottery players want above all else is to win the April 7, 2021 lottery draw and be able to benefit from these millions of euros. What are they going to do with it? Certainly, the first idea would be to buy a house or a car, but why not be tempted by a massive purchase of alpaca wool? It only costs 22 euros per kilo … and you will be able to buy more than 540,000 kilos with that money.

Well, of course, you’ll have to learn to knit to turn that yarn into hundreds of thousands of sweaters or millions of socks, but it’s an idea worth exploring.

Lottery result of April 7, 2021

To realize this dream, if it is one, it will nevertheless be necessary to wait for the lottery result of April 7, 2021 to find out if the ticket you played is the correct one, and if the numbers checked are the winning numbers.

Don’t panic, so: all you need is a little (a lot?) of luck. But it often happens that lottery players win the jackpot, so why not you?