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While not as well-known as it should be, the Ural Rex is perfect for families looking for a charming companion. Sweet, intelligent and lively, he enjoys the company of humans to whom he is loyal.

Characteristics of the Ural Rex

The Ural Rex is still a rare breed. He is recognizable by his average height and well-developed musculature. Thin, the legs are proportional to the body which ends in a thin tail which is neither too long nor too short. The Ural Rex is distinguished by its head that recalls a short wedge with prominent cheeks. His curved muzzle and flat forehead are all physical characteristics attributed to him. The cat has large oval eyes, the color of which must be in harmony with that of the coat. They are well separated from each other as well. The ears, carried high, feature rounded ends. And what about the hairs. They can be either short or mid-length. Dense and silky in texture, the fur reveals elastic waves. The standard tolerates all the traditional colors of dresses as well as several two-tone, solid or tabby. On the other hand, the sepia as well as the ticked tabby are not accepted.

History of the Ural Rex breed

Despite its lack of visibility, you should know that the Ural rex is not a recent cat. It was mentioned as early as World War II in Russia, where it originated. Due in particular to the political withdrawal in the country, the breed could not gain its letters of nobility across the Atlantic and on the Old Continent. The main breeding farms have developed in Yekaterinburg, a Russian city located in the Urals region. It is for this reason that this cat is also called Rex of the Urals. In 1997, breeding programs extended to Moscow. This breed is not yet recognized by all feline associations and federations except the World Cat Federation.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Ural Rex

The Ural Rex is not known to be a picky cat. On the contrary, he has a pleasant temperament, which makes him the perfect domestic animal. He is affectionate and very gentle and shows it to humans. He has no difficulty cohabiting with his other congeners or with other animals for that matter. In addition, it is a curious, energetic and very lively animal that will indulge in all possible games with children. He is also recognized as having an important good form of intelligence.

Diet and main health problems of Ural Rex

Ural Rex does not develop any genetic pathology detected so far. It is a cat that lives a very long time since its life expectancy varies between 14 and 17 years. But of course, his health and longevity will depend heavily on his diet. Ideally, a dry diet should always be combined with a wet diet to prevent possible kidney problems. Homemade food is welcome, although this cat can also consume premium quality dry food or pâtés.

Price of a Ural Rex cat or kitten

  • Price Ural Rex male: unknown
  • Price Ural Rex female: unknown

Photo credit: Nickolas Titkov

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