Luxury brand launches shield against COVID-19 of more than R $4 thousand – Lifestyle

French brand Louis Vuitton announced the launch of a luxury facial shield with light-sensitive material, which changes color according to the sun.

French brand Louis Vuitton announced, to be launched on October 30, another of its personalized products for the time of covid-19: a face mask that should cost more than R $ 4,500.00.

The personal protective equipment consists of a visor made of a plastic material with a fabric finish and an elastic strap designed to fit comfortably on the wearer’s head. The shield is produced with a light-sensitive material, which changes color according to the intensity of the sun.

“The LV Shield is an attractive, stylish and protective antenna,” said the brand. “It moves seamlessly from dawn to dusk, adding a discreet but sophisticated touch to personal protection.”

Although the brand has not yet given the protective visor a definitive price, an estimated cost can be around 700 pounds, estimated at R $ 4,771.00, judging by the only other visor-style product in its line, the Strawgram visor.

In addition to luxury goods during the coronavirus pandemic, the French maison came to reopen its factories to produce masks which were distributed free of charge to healthcare professionals in France.

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