Luxury real estate: the sea view makes prices explode! – EconomyMorning

Far from being impacted by the health crisis, the French luxury real estate market is doing very well. At the national level, prices are holding up and they are even rising sharply by the sea. The acceleration is particularly clear on front-line goods. What valuation does a sea view, a first line or even the presence of a swimming pool give to luxury goods? Find out.

+ 34% on the prices of prestigious properties with sea views

The luxury real estate market remains very dynamic in 2021, despite the drop in attendance by foreign customers. According to our barometer of prices and perception of luxury real estate, the average price of a luxury property is around 1.5 million euros, for an average price per m² of € 8,871 and an increase of 1% over the year. Left – by the force of circumstances – in the sole hands of French buyers, the luxury real estate market is thus progressing throughout France, especially on the coast.

Whether in the coastal departments of the Côte d’Azur or on the Atlantic coast, the selling prices of high-end accommodation are increasing rapidly! This is particularly true in Gironde (+ 55% increase) and in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques (+ 45%). It should also be noted that the added value provided by a sea view literally explodes. Indeed, according to our barometer, a prestigious property with a view of the sea (whether it is the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Ocean) values ​​its sale price by 34% on the entire coast and the sea. added value even reached + 56% for accommodation located on the front line on the Atlantic coast!

After Île-de-France, the coast is the favorite destination of the French

In terms of luxury real estate, as popular as it may be, the coast does not pass the Île-de-France. Indeed, this one still brings together 63% of searches, ahead of the two regions that are the South-East and the North-West (18 and 10%). Luxury buyers therefore seek primarily in urban areas, for 41% of them, where 28% of wealthy buyers are drawn to the sea.

On a European scale, France also remains the most attractive country in luxury real estate, with 33% of searches. Next are Portugal (30% of searches) and Switzerland (28%).

Luxury properties with swimming pools valued at 16% on the Côte d’Azur

On the luxury real estate market, the valuation of properties with swimming pools reaches 16% for a property located on the French Riviera. So, for comparison, the price per m² is, on average, € 12,300 in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and € 11,460 in Cannes and its surroundings, against 13,510 € around Nice.

Luxury real estate: buyers and sellers are optimistic

In France, the luxury market therefore reassures buyers and sellers, for whom stone remains a solid safe haven. Thus, 1/3 (33%) of the buyers questioned think that this is an investment which has gained even more security since the health crisis. According to our latest perception study, for 45% of buyers, the luxury market has even become more attractive. No wonder, then, that almost two-thirds of shoppers think it’s the right time to buy!

As for sellers, the same story goes: 8 out of 10 have confidence in the outcome of their real estate project. They are even more optimistic than the buyers. Almost 60% of them have a sales plan within six months and 87% plan to reinvest in luxury real estate. The luxury market is therefore well and truly spared from the health crisis. Beyond that, it even seems to gain in attractiveness. And for good reason, this type of investment is generally made over the long term, with the aim of creating a transferable heritage.