M6 would be for sale, Vivendi and Altice approached

It could be the stock market information in the French media sector of the year, if it were to be confirmed. According to several sources who revealed the information to Reuters and on Twitter Friday, January 29, 2021, the M6 ​​group is for sale.

The M6 ​​group sold by Bertelsmann?

According to Reuters information, the German group Bertelsmann, based in Gütersloh and specialized in the media, would intend to sell its stake in the French group M6, known for the chain of the same name but also W9.

The German group would value the shares it holds in the French group at around 3 billion euros.

Altice and Vivendi in the race?

If the sale of M6 could greatly change the panorama of the media in France, it is above all two of the companies that Bertelsmann would have approached to conclude the sale that risk making the difference. According to Reuters, the giant Vivendi, owned by Vincent Bolloré, and the operator Altice, the parent company of SFR based in Luxembourg and more than 90% owned by Patrick Drahi, who has also just taken it off the stock market, could enter the redemption race.

Not sure, however, that the two giants of the French media can carry out the operation, in particular Vivendi, already very present in the French PAF with the Canal + group.

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