Macron announces the pincer strategy in the Machecoul forest against the Covid …

My friends, like those who have followed me for a long time, I am a “fan” of the 7th company… And when I heard our Jupiterian president explain to us that he was going to take the Covid in pincers, I started with a huge burst to laugh in front of my TSF station connected to the ORTF, sorry, I mean my television.

The pincers …

It is “like who would say the pincers what” … a cult replica of the 7th company relating the debacle of 40.

This idea of ​​the pincers is therefore in my opinion a very bad omen.

Because Chief Chaudard explains to the lady’s mother that if he and his guys stay in the Machemacoul forest, it is in case the Germans would retreat …

We all know they never backed down, so hopefully for the Covid it won’t be the same and we won’t be doomed to see him and his variant regiments advance for several years.

So I don’t know who the olibrius was who gave the chief’s speech, nor the star of the palace who had the brilliant idea of ​​the pincer strategy. but it is sorely lacking in culture, unless it is a kick from the donkey and a collaborator has done well in the mouth of the big boss.

I can’t resist putting you first in the passage where the Palais lighthouse explains its pincers, and that of Chef Chaudard …

Hahahahahahahahahaha. You have to laugh a little my friends.

Macron = Chef Chaudard?
We are saved: the pincers !!!#latenaille # Macron20h #chaudard # la7emecompany #Macron

– DoMiNiQue RiZZo (@ DoMiTALia77) March 31, 2021

For the rest, for a second time, the flagship measure announced is the right one!

I have never hesitated to criticize Macron’s policy in general and in terms of health in particular, but there is an interesting inflection that should be welcomed and which follows the refusal to confine the last times that was also a good decision. We do not imprison millions of healthy people to please a few doctors. We must find, test, isolate, and cure our sick compatriots, with something other than Doliprane and prayers.

He is right.

Reason to put everyone on vacation at the same time, because yes, schools should be left open as much as possible, which means that they should be closed as short as possible. The decision to abolish the school vacation zones was smack of common sense.

After a year, we have an example of a common sense measure.


This decision follows the fact that Macron has taken to reading scientific studies. As Blanquer says, who is not the last of the beans, “it is not out of reach for an intelligence like his”.

I will go further than Blanquer.

In reality, this whole country would benefit from going and reading scientific studies and working a little, starting with journalists.

Macron criticized for playing doctor in spite of himself!

I’ll tell you again, I’m not a doctor.

Yet I know, and you can read.

There is indeed not much on these subjects that is out of reach.. This infuriates specialists who would keep knowledge and knowledge well, for knowledge is power.

So Macron is criticized and would take himself for an epidemiologist!

I don’t think that’s the case at all.

It has been a year since we have been ripped off by “professionals” and this country is badly managed because the opinions given are objectively bad. The opinions of the scientific council are intellectually indigent for the part which is in any case made public.

He is therefore criticized for trying to form his own opinion. This is indeed what is expected of a president.

Confidence doesn’t rule out control said one of my bosses when I was young.

And no, it’s not the one who says it’s there!

No, you should never take your word for it.

When one is head of state, the doubt must be systematic, and do not believe that the status of professional is a guarantee of anything.

The mechanics are professionals and carabistouillent every day the little ladies on certain repairs. It’s as old as the world.

Plumbers do the same to you by having you change your boiler for 5,000 euros where a repair of 300 euros is sufficient.

Noah’s Ark was built by an amateur, the Titanic by professionals.

The French guy who flies on during his parade of July 14 is not even an engineer, and no great professional has achieved what he designed.

Many professionals are neither very good nor very hardworking… sometimes they are not even honest.

Doctors are sometimes just garage owners like any other …

Sometimes they make mistakes, sometimes they work so hard that they don’t have time to read the latest studies, sometimes they are bad, other times excellent and often they are sorely lacking in humility and the more they are titled the more they are. are generally undrinkable.

Other times, surgeons operate on the left knee instead of the right after copiously insulting the paralyzed nurse who tried to warn them. I’ve seen drunk and drunk surgeons get behind the wheel of their Porsches for surgery. I have seen hospital doctors feeling almighty to impose their omnipotence without any countervailing power on poor families.

I have also seen the great violence that they know how to use towards those who do not think like them.

It is a profession that I am very suspicious of, because it develops this temptation to omnipotence, and this is where the greatest danger lies for those who exercise this otherwise wonderful profession and which we so badly need. It is a profession where we cover ourselves, where we lie outside, where we wash our clothes with the family, where order makes order reign and where justice is always very difficult. to spend. This can be understood in some ways, but those who lack wisdom can quickly do very serious silly things with incalculable consequences.

They are ultimately only men, with their grandeur and their quirks. No more no less. They have their own prisms, and generally know nothing about economics, and no more in sociology (apart from psychologists).

Efforts, little better …

So yes, the measures announced are the right ones, but little better to do Macron pupil.

We must free up alternative treatments (ivermectin, chloroquine, etc.) and allow doctors to prescribe them to patients who want them, as we must leave the freedom to be vaccinated to those who want it and not force anyone.

We must take advantage of the closure of schools to buy air purifiers for the start of the school year in a month. You also have to remember to leave the windows open even when the teachers are cold!

You have to test and trace massively.

We must give money to those who are isolated. My high school nephew is positive for Covid. It’s quite an isolated home for 17 days. 17 days without working, without going out. How do you do it? How do you earn your living? So the temptation is great to work anyway, especially when you are self-employed and no one will give you anything. If you are an independent electrician confined for 17 days who pays you the charges and drafts? Person. There is therefore a large black hole at this level including for the waiting days imposed on patients. It is therefore necessary to compensate the sick, the positive and the isolated people who are not significantly sick so that they are not tempted to act as if they were not sick and put everyone at risk.

FFP2 masks must be given in transport and in all very confined places.

Once again, everything we have has to be balanced.

When we wage war, we wage it totally.


With a 110% commitment.

In war, only the most motivated win.

All the weapons must be used, all the means implemented, all the resources used, all the vital forces mobilized.

The war is still total.

Victory is always at this price.

Otherwise, it ends in a vast buffoonery and in a laughable strategy of the pincers in the forest of Machecoul by a beautiful summer of June 40.

June 40, this time sanitary.

Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !