Macron gives in and opens vaccination for all from May 12, 2021

The request was constantly being formulated, as much by the French who were only waiting to be able to be vaccinated as by health professionals: the opening of vaccination for all adults who wanted it. It’s done: Emmanuel Macron finally gave in and abandoned his initial strategy.

Faced with pressure, Emmanuel Macron gives in on vaccination

The French vaccination schedule has been completely turned upside down by Emmanuel Macron, visiting the Paris vaccine park, Porte de Versailles. Because, initially, the government planned to make the French wait for more than a month: 18-49 year olds without comorbidities should only be able to have the vaccine against Covid-19 … on June 15, 2021. But popular pressure got the better of the government’s strategy.

The President of the R2public announced two changes on May 6, 2021: those over 50 without comorbidities will be able to make an appointment as of May 7, 2021, i.e. three days before what was planned. But, above all, it is the 18-49 year olds who will be able to be vaccinated much earlier.

Appointments can be made from Wednesday May 12, 2021 for all adults. With some conditions.

Open the vaccination to run off the doses

With this unexpected opening of vaccination, the government wants to end the scandal of canceled appointments or free slots which kept being published on social networks. Because many French people do not want the AstraZeneca vaccine because of extremely rare cases of serious side effects.

French adults who want to be vaccinated can therefore make an appointment … but only the day before for the next day and exclusively if doses remain available. Enough, no doubt, to create a rush on the Doctolib platform every evening, but enough to prevent vaccine doses from being finally thrown away… when they could be used.