Male dog: what particularities? What character traits?

Before adopting a dog, it is advisable to learn about his character traits because it is preferable that they are compatible with those of his future master. We can prefer a male dog in order to avoid the problem of heat, which of course only affects bitches. On the character side, the differences between the two sexes are more marked in unsterilized animals. There are also some differences from one breed to another. Regardless, the character of a dog, male or female, evolves over time and different factors have a great influence on it. Let’s do a check in.

The peculiarities of the male dog

A dog has peculiarities specific to its sex when it is not castrated. In the vast majority of cases, owners who have bred dogs and bitches have enough experience to compare males and females. It therefore appears that the male dog is:

  • More player even in adulthood: he needs a master ready to share games with him,
  • More dynamic : you have to offer him the opportunity to exercise every day, which requires a good dose of motivation and energy,
  • More close to his master : very affectionate and faithful, he can suffer from not seeing his master during the day,
  • Less easy to educate: remaining immature longer than a female, it is difficult to achieve a good level of obedience with a young male dog,
  • Better guardian : very attached to his master but more generally to all the members of his host family, he devotes himself entirely in the event of a threat in order to protect them and watch over their property,
  • More territorial : the male can spend his time lifting his paw to urinate on any type of support such as a tree trunk or the legs of the dining room table,
  • More dominant : it is necessary that he has a master with character who knows how to impose himself, and be able to teach his dog to obey,
  • More runaway : you have to be extra vigilant when you have a whole male dog because if he senses a bitch in heat in his perimeter, nothing can stop him.

Some peculiarities of the male dog in relation to hormones become blunt or even disappear after its sterilization. Once castrated, the dog marks its territory much less, is less dominant and is no longer interested in females at all, so that it no longer runs away.

Male dog character traits

No one wants to welcome a dog known for their bad temper into their home. But this is extremely subjective, especially since the character of a doggie is malleable. Education has a significant impact, as does its life history, even if the animal retains certain instinctive peculiarities. When the time is right to choose a dog, it is therefore essential to educate yourself on how it was educated, the care it received, the personality of the dog’s parents. The attitude of the old masters towards it must also be known.

All these points influence the behaviour of the animal. This should be taken care of, and even more so if the family has young children. There is no question of exposing them to a dog who does not like small or who is mean. Before deciding on one dog over another, it can be interesting to spend time with the animal you love, under the watchful eye of a person from the shelter or the breeder.

It should be noted, however, that a dog very attached to his master can show himself much more obedient with the latter than with another person for whom he does not feel the same affection and to whom he does not necessarily want to please by submitting to his orders. For the same animal, opinions can therefore be divided: one assuring that it obeys the finger and the eye, that it is gentle as a lamb and that it has an exceptional character, the other to pretend that the animal does not have a very flexible character, even that it is even a little temperamental and does not listen to anything …

Once at home we quickly discover the animal’s character traits. This arrival in a new family is also the beginning of a essential educational phase and to which it is necessary to attach importance. The handling of the male dog must be done without delay, especially if it is still very young and crazy, if it is whole, if it has not yet been educated or if it seems very rude. , not socialized, not very obedient, surly. He probably picked up some really bad habits in his old home, or maybe he was a little too nagged, even mistreated.

We must not despair, even if it takes time, it is possible to review or improve a dog’s education so that his behavior improves. It is in any case essential to erase his bad character traits and obtain from him more obedience and patience, for example when playing with children. The takeover of a dog can be entrusted to a dog trainer. It is even highly preferable if everything is to be reviewed and we have the feeling of never being able to achieve it.