Male or female dog: which one to choose for adoption?

You have decided on the breed of dog you want to welcome into the house. The first step is taken. Now you are wondering about the sex of the animal: male or female? By drawing up the main features of their character, we help you make your choice.

Why choose a male dog?

The male displays many qualities. It is said of him that he is:

  • Dynamic. Particularly lively, the male is overflowing with energy. Unlike females, he is more in action than in observation;
  • Player. A male is always ready for a play session and in particular with the children whom he will be more inclined to heckle than to protect;
  • Affectionate. He loves cuddles and often seeks contact with his master;
  • Good keeper. Its territorial instinct seems more developed than the female;
  • Constant mood. Her emotional state is generally more stable than that of the female.

Among the few faults attributed to the male dog:

  • Frequent in search of attention and hugs, very playful and dynamic, he can be invasive and sudden in his movements;
  • He marks his territory by urinating very often during the walk;
  • It can turn out runaway, especially during the heat of the females;
  • Guided by his hormones, he is attracted to sexual activities and will seek to ride females (even if they are not in heat), or the legs of your guests;
  • He’s more quarrelsome with its congeners;
  • Physically more massive than a female, it is more difficult to steer, especially if it pulls on a leash;
  • It takes longer to gain in maturity, prefers to play than to listen. His education may therefore require more patience. However, we note that more males than females win dog shows. Once his attention has been captured, he turns out to be a formidable competitor.

Namely that the castration of the male clearly contributes to erase his inclinations to run away, to fight and also limits the appearance of testicular tumors.

Why choose a female dog?

Choosing a bitch has several advantages:

  • More small and light than a male, it is easier to control when walking on a leash for example;
  • Less playful than a male, she observes more than she acts. It is generally of a nature calm and sweet;
  • Of a more temperament independent, she asks for attention but decides the moment herself and leaves when she has had enough;
  • Docile, she willingly takes part in educational sessions during which she will be more concentrated;
  • Her maternal instinct makes her naturally protective towards the children of the household.

The disadvantages of adopting a female are related to her sexual cycle

  • The female has her heat twice a year for 2 to 3 weeks and these periods generate:
  • Losses of blood in the House ;
  • Changes behavioral. The bitch can become very cuddly or even glue or have fits of anxiety, aggression, she can try to run away to find a partner;
  • Of complicated walks during which males will turn around to try to mount it and start fights;
  • A scope unwanted, in case of running away for example.

In conclusion: male or female?

For the acquisition of a first dog and / or if you have small children, it is often advisable to adopt a female who is calmer and easier to train. For connoisseurs looking for a playmate, the male is a teaser who will be able to set the mood in the house. Keep in mind that the race of the animal plays a major role in its temperament and that theeducation remains the key to his behavior.