Managing your iT fleet sustainably: a challenge for the years to come

The increasing use of digital technology in our professional lives is a key factor that leads us to use ever more technological goods and services to carry out our day-to-day operations. In this context, the rate of equipment (hardware and software) continues to grow to represent one of the main items of expenditure in business.

Another trend is emerging in parallel: the desire of professionals and more generally of citizens to have a positive impact in terms of ecology. It is therefore perfectly understandable that the subject of the iT fleet in business is becoming essential and that its management must evolve to reconcile two imperatives: the use of high-performance technological equipment and the optimization of its ecological footprint.

Start by rethinking the contours of its iT fleet

On this point, it is first of all essential to map your organization in order to rely on a fleet sized to its needs and operational objectives. Once this analytical work has been carried out, it is advisable to ask the question of knowing how to equip oneself and with what. It is therefore necessary not to limit one’s reflection to the simple notion of “acquisition” or supply. Indeed, it is by considering other elements, such as the maintenance and evolution of its stock over time, that it will be possible not only to have a global view of its project but also to build governance. relevant and efficient fleet of iT. This goes through computers, peripherals or servers but also all the services associated with them.

The competitive advantage of responsible and sustainable digital

Do we necessarily have to choose new equipment by default? Are digital goods necessarily becoming obsolete? Can I have custom configurations and are the IT services compatible with the refurbished hardware? These questions are of course legitimate. However, their foundation tends to gradually disappear as the sustainable sector sees its value chain being structured to equip several million companies around the world every year.

Support companies in their IT project, from A to Z

To enable professionals to change the way businesses consume IT, players in the refurbished IT sector have a real responsibility. Offering a concrete and pragmatic approach to the management of an unconventional fleet is a priority. In doing so, companies will be able to access tailor-made iT products and services that will allow them to optimize their uses and remain operational in all circumstances.

Awareness, cross-functional tools, integrated resources and services are all key points to be taken into consideration in order to extend the lifespan of IT equipment under the best possible conditions and thus limit digital pollution.