Many households forced to correct their tax returns

A computer bug of the Health Insurance Fund requires, several thousand households are forced to review their tax return. For the moment, the Brittany region is the most severely affected.

A computer bug of the CPAM

The Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) was the victim of a national computer incident which will force several hundred thousand households to verify and correct their tax return. According to information from Ouest-France, the CPAM was not able to transmit in time to the General Directorate of Public Finance information relating to the amounts of compensation affected by many households.

Sickness, maternity leave and work accident are affected by this computer bug. In a press release, the CPAM explains the situation: “ Following a national IT incident, the transmission of data on the taxable benefits of insured persons has not been automatically transferred to the pre-filled 2020 income statements “. For those concerned, it will therefore be necessary to review his copy.

Brittany, the main victim of this bug

If the computer bug is national, it is the Brittany region which is the main victim, since it seems that the Brittany fund is the only one concerned.. Thus, 397,119 households will have to verify their declaration, including 132,279 for the only department of Ille-et-Vilaine. The CPAM is increasing the number of letters, SMS and e-mail to warn the main stakeholders of the situation.

For those concerned, it will therefore be necessary to check and modify, if necessary, the income statement by going to the area and then downloading the tax statement. For those who have already sent their declaration, it will be possible to make the change within three months of receiving the tax notice by the end of the summer.