Maxi dresses – Tips on how to combine the trend + inspirations

Versatile and full of personality, the maxi dresses are here to stay once and for all in the wardrobes of women.

Maxi dresses are long dresses of the most varied styles, fabrics, details and prints. In this sense they can be tight or looser, contain ruffles or be straight, have a slit or a neckline. Thus, this versatility allows different styles to exist for multiple occasions.

However, it is necessary to find out which one looks better on your body, just like any other female piece. In addition, accessories and shoes also need to be handpicked for the combination to work.

How to choose the right type of maxi dress for your body

Plus size bodies

The plain maxi dresses fit perfectly in plus sizes. However, if what you like is print, prefer the ones with black backgrounds or vertical stripes. Therefore, the larger the pattern, the greater the volume that is added to the body. Therefore, invest in smaller and more delicate prints.

Thin and low

Nothing like a dress accentuated at the waist to further enhance the silhouette. Definitely, this type of maxi dress is ideal for thin and short bodies, as they help to stretch the body. If you prefer, add a belt at the waist for an even better effect. Invest in thin, light and more delicate fabrics.

Full breasts

Women with large breasts need to be careful when choosing a maxi dress in the same way when choosing a bra. To make the bust even more beautiful, it is necessary to give preference to maxi dresses with bulges and / or reinforced straps. In this way, it enhances the neck region and makes it even more beautiful.

Large hips

Unlike thinner women who can abuse the tightest dresses, those with wide hips need to be careful when choosing a maxi dress. In this case, the waist should be avoided as much as possible, especially with a belt. The markings at the waist, close to the hip, make the region even more voluminous.

Finally, to balance with the hips, choose maxi dresses with details in the upper region, such as necklines, ruffles, sleeves, among others.


Extremely privileged, these taller women get a beautiful fit in all types of maxi dresses. Therefore, you can invest in all trends.

How to combine shoes with maxi dresses?

First of all, there are a multitude of shoe models that can match maxi dresses. However, it is necessary to know which and how to combine depending on the time of day and occasion.

In view of this, prefer flat shoes, low heels, sneakers, sneakers and oxfords for simpler occasions or during day-to-day activities. On the other hand, for night walks, invest in glamorous heels combined with produced hair and a look full of charm. However, leave the boots for winter looks or to combine with a sexier production.

Tips on how to wear maxi dresses and look stylish!

1. Maxi dress with oversized tricot.

First of all, if you do not believe that the combination of tricot and maxi dress works, just check out this inspiration below. Give preference to an oversized knit and enjoy the warm look on cold days!

2. With blouse / shirt under the maxi dress

Beforehand, the blouse under the dress is a trend among bloggers around the world. Still, to complete the look, add a leather jacket on cold days that will be great! The cool touch of the jacket will give another look to the look.

3. Scarf at the waist

The scarf at the waist helps to enhance your curves just as the belt would. At the same time, you can use print or dress color, what matters is to match!

4. Shoulder to shoulder + slit!

The shoulder to shoulder effect is the darling of women in love in a romantic look, while the slits give the touch of sensuality that was missing.

5. Neckerchief + boot!

The scarf around the neck is a trend that is here to stay and super versatile with a maxi dress. The mix of prints is acceptable and you can combine it with a boot to add even more charm.

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