McDonald’s: the end of plastic toys

It’s a page of history that is being turned at McDonalds … After more than 40 years of existence, the plastic toys of the Happy Meal menus will disappear.

More plastic toys in Happy Meals

They are now giving way to books, playing cards, coloring books and cardboard figurines. The McDonald’s who still have plastic toys to offer will sell them in the coming days, the others have already made the switch. This is great news for the environment of course, because these plastic toys were generally unnecessary pollution given their toy lifespan. : They entertained our children for a few minutes maximum, when it was not just a few seconds.

As it was a toy, and it was offered with the menu, we did not dare to throw it in the trash: and end his career at the bottom of a box with other toys, sometimes with d ‘other bonuses McDo and others. The worst of the worst, it was of course the battery-powered gadgets, even more difficult to throw away since for that, it was normally necessary to remove the battery first. We can therefore only praise McDo for this initiative, even if its merit is limited: in fact, it is a law that prohibits plastic toys offered on menus.

McDo toys sought after by collectors

But this law will not come into force until next year. Logically, Burger King and Quick will undoubtedly follow very soon and replace plastic toys with something else. Now, If you have collections of Happy Meal toys and the like lying around in the children’s room or playroom, be careful before you throw everything away.

You will believe me if you will, but there is collectors looking for certain rare pieces, limited series, in particular when it comes to licenses like Star Wars, Spiderman or Asterix to name a few. If you take one out of a crate, go check it before it’s not wanted, before you throw it away.

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