Media: Europe 1 radio soon to be bought by Vincent Bolloré – teller report

Vincent Bolloré is expanding his media empire after Canal + and CNews, the businessman is about to afford Europe 1 radio, according to information from the site Days.

Europe 1 in the process of being acquired by Vincent Bolloré

Europe 1 radio station is set to change owners soon, according to information from the site Days, Europe 1, currently owned by the Lagardère group, should change hands to join Vincent Bolloré’s media group. An alliance should take place between the radio station and the CNews television channel, which Vincent Bolloré also owns.

According to Days, if the news is not yet official, the rumors of the corridor are unanimous “ it is done “, A matter of days according to some. The two main parties have not yet confirmed the information. However, according to Days, Serge Nedjar, director of CNews, and Gérald-Brice Viret, general manager of the Canal + branches would already be preparing the re-entry grid for the station.

A new radio-TV couple a year and a half away from the presidential election

The Europe1-CNews pair will have as their primary goal to compete with the current reigning champion RMC-BFMTV. With a year and a half of the presidential election, the stake of the ratings is high. Europe 1, which has been losing momentum, could count on the growing notoriety of the CNews news channel. Several names are already mentioned, in particular for the political interview of the morning which could be attributed to Laurence Ferrari and which is currently carried out by Sonia Mabrouk.

For journalists who would like to leave the editorial staff of Europe 1 in the name of the cession clause, this will not be possible since the radio has the status of a press agency. Thus, once the redemption is recorded, journalists will not be able to leave while benefiting from severance pay and unemployment.

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