Mediator case: the pharmaceutical group Servier found guilty

After ten years of proceedings, the Paris court found the Servier laboratories and the national drug safety agency (ANSM) guilty in the Mediator drug case.

Mediator trial: ten years of proceedings and a 2.7 million euro fine for Servier laboratories

Ten years after the start of the proceedings, the Paris court found guilty, Monday March 29, 2021, of ” aggravated deception “And” homicides and unintentional injuries Servier laboratories prosecuted in the case of Mediator, an anti-diabetic drug which had caused the death of several hundred people. As for the charge of fraud, the court decided to release it.

Thus, the Paris court ordered the Servier laboratories to 2.7 million euros fine considering that ” Despite the knowledge that they had the risks incurred for many, many years, (…) they never took the necessary measures and thus deceived »People who took Mediator.

A record sanction for the Medicines Agency

Servier laboratories were not the only ones to be found guilty and ordered to pay a fine. The National Medicines Safety Agency was also found guilty, the court having ruled that it had delayed in suspending the marketing of the drug in question. Thus, the Paris court imposes a record fine of 303,000 euros on the ANSM, considering that she had ” failed in (his) role of health police and drug policeman “. The fine is divided into two parts, 205,000 euros for ” manslaughter and unintentional injury ”By negligence and 78,000 euros in fines.

Second victory for the 6,500 civil parties, the Paris court ordered the payment of 158 million euros in damages for the various damages suffered. Jean-Philippe Seta, former right-hand man of the late Jacques Servier, was sentenced to four years in prison.