Meme about the turn of the 90’s proves there is no cringe in fashion – Lifestyle

In recent weeks, a rift between generations has gripped the internet. On one side are the millennials, born between 1980 and 1996. On the other, there is Generation Z, who came into the world between 1997 and 2010. These guys started to use the word cringe, which can be translated from English as “shameful”, to describe some habits of its predecessors. I.e: it is nothing more than the new nickname for pave’s uncles and aunts.

Lists with attitudes and preferences considered typical of cringes went viral on the internet. Among them are having breakfast, saying “boleto” and liking the 90s. Obviously, there were also aspects related to style, such as wearing skinny pants, hair on the side, loving sneakers and French nails.

But a meme that circulated on the internet while this heated debate between generations was taking place serves to reflect if this discussion makes sense, especially when it comes to fashion. “The 90’s returning with everything, high waist pants, clogs, bead necklace, economic crisis, serial killer, satanic panic”, says the publication.

Style consultant Karina Tânia says it’s not appropriate to call someone a cringe because of the way that person dresses. “It doesn’t make sense. Each person has their own style and, in addition, life experience reflects a lot on the way we dress. The time we grew up influences the way we dress today”, he ponders.

fashion is cyclic

She points out that fashion is cyclical, that is, accessories and clothes from other times are always becoming trends again.

“Nowadays, fashion is very casual. Baggy pants are on the rise because they are more comfortable and so, people adhered to them during the isolation caused by the pandemic. But you can never leave aside the fashion that has passed”, analyzes.

For all these reasons, Karina emphasizes that no trend is invented. What exists are combinations of antique pieces with more modern aspects. “We wear skinny pants with a high waist, or colorful jeans,” he exemplifies.

“Even if we are not able to interpret very old references, from other decades, they are present and whoever studies fashion knows that”, adds Karina.

The consultant even mentions other typical trends of the 90s that are on the rise in contemporary times, such as satin dresses, choker-type necklace – another term in English, which means choker – and pieces that are part of the series’ costumes friends.

“There are people who still don’t like [de choker], while other super joined. Now, there are several models, but in the beginning, the choker came back a lot as it was in the 90s: plastic, imitating a tattoo”, he recalls.

“Almost all items from friends are also on the rise, such as bib and sneakers that have a thicker platform. So, even if the person doesn’t like the series, they end up using parts of it without knowing it,” he adds.

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It’s cliché but be you

For those who don’t dare to compose a look for fear of being labeled a cringe, Karina offers some advice: “We have to find our way of dressing. This is cliché, but it still holds true: try to be who we really are is and not caring what people think we are.”