Messi agreed to sign a 5-year contract with Manchester City

According to a detailed report from the Daily Record, the contract signed between Messi and CFG is divided into two parts.

The first part is that Messi will play for Manchester City in the Premier League for 3 years.

In the remaining 2 years of the contract, Messi will have to move to the US to play for the New York City club also owned by CFG.

Salary of the Argentinian star is expected to be about 120 million USD per year. Messi’s hand-in-hand money is also estimated at $ 300 million.

According to sources from, Messi has revealed the reason he wants to join Manchester City is to fulfill his aspirations to play in the Premier League and have the opportunity to win the Champions League with the World Golden Ball.

A source from a relative of Messi said: “Messi thinks coach Pep Guardiola always wants to play beautiful football, he also knows the best way to help Messi reach his full potential. He wants to reunite with Pep”.

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