Microsoft appoints Satya Nadella as head of board

Satya Nadella is now both Chairman of the Board and CEO of Microsoft.

Satya Nadella continues as Managing Director

The board of directors voted unanimously for Satya Nadella to take over as president. He succeeds John W. Thompson, who will remain as independent lead director. Engineer by training, he will combine the status of Chairman of the Board of Directors with that of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) he has held since February 2014. Before him, Bill Gates was the only one to have combined these two responsible positions.

Since her arrival at the head of the company, Satya Nadella has worked to give it a facelift. He took the risk of cutting 18,000 jobs, or 14% of Microsoft’s workforce, to abandon ambitions around the smartphone and for focus on cloud computing. His idea was to face the two giants of the sector, Google and Apple.

Microsoft, second market capitalization behind Apple

Nadella did quite well since he managed to make Microsoft the second largest market capitalization, behind Apple. In 2014, Microsoft was worth $ 300 billion to the Nasdaq for $ 87 billion in revenue. The company is now worth almost $ 2,000 billion, for a turnover of $ 143 billion in 2020.

Microsoft is also well known in the office world for its Windows software. Thursday June 24, 2021, Microsoft will present Windows 11 which could well equip a large part of desktops around the world within a few years.