Mileage scales: finally an increase for electric vehicles

Notice to employees who use their personal car for work: in 2021, electric vehicles will finally benefit from an increased mileage scale.

Mileage scales: a 20% increase for owners of electric vehicles

If you have an electric car that you also use for work, know that in 2021 you will be able to benefit from a more substantial reduction for professional expenses: for electric cars, the mileage scales have just been increased by 20%.

Indeed, if you are taxable and you are an employee, each year on your income tax you benefit from an allowance for professional expenses. Among these costs are the expenses related to the vehicle, in case you have one and you also use it for work. To calculate the amount of expenses incurred, the tax administration uses “mileage scales”, which can be revised each year. If the majority of them remain unchanged in 2021, good news awaits owners of electric vehicles: they now benefit from scales increased by 20%.

Mileage scale: here’s how to calculate the amount of your expenses in 2021

For an electric car with a power of 3 fiscal horsepower or less, you must therefore multiply the distance traveled (in kilometers) by 0.456. And, this is a first in 2020: you must then increase the result obtained by 20%. In 2021, for the same distance traveled, you will therefore be entitled to a more generous expense allowance.

As a reminder, this allowance for taxpayers who own a personal vehicle is supposed to compensate for depreciation of the vehicle, repair and maintenance costs, tire expenses, fuel consumption and insurance premiums. The distance traveled taken into account must correspond only to home-work trips and transport during working hours.

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